We are Terminated Games,

we create, perfect, and serve nostalgic moments since 2015.

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The Dream


The dream of a 15 year old, a dream led Terminated Games to this point. Today people know me as Przemyslaw Walczak, the CEO of Terminated Games and solely creator of Terminated Games and InfiniteSky.

The dream about creating a place for old gaming worlds with passion and care. Creating professional, structural and social application that now is fundamental to Terminated Games.

The Reality

The demand of Games Industry grown massively, year after year and it was not enough to be passionate - realized, players expects quality, speed and simplicity.

In reality spending 7 days a week developing, designing and structurizing the content along with technology and deadlines is a lot of stress for one to take.

The business aproach took over the dream, realizing that to be a creator of good entertainment requires willingness, passion and love. This road took us over four years. Four years of hard work, stress, deadlines and many other inconveniences.

Today we - Terminated Games - chasing the dream despite the "business" and long hours, we just do what we do best. And we believe that in time everything can be done.

We are simple, optimistic, people with simple dream.



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